Rabbit Moon Yoga studio

Leslie has an in home yoga studio. The environment is casual and non competitive. She is an unapologetic body nerd, interested in anatomy and physiology. Leslie studies with Iyengar style teachers and appreciates B.K.S. Iyengar’s development of props in teaching body alignment to students of yoga.

She also likes a flowing style of yoga as well as core-centered yoga. Yoga is a wonderful soothing antidote to our frenetic culture. Biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf said, “Part of the general malaise of our culture is overstimulation of the nervous system.”

In practicing yoga consistently one can observe the progressive changes in their body, as it addresses many systems in the body. Leslie enjoys sharing this beautiful discipline with people and appreciates the investigation into the mind and body.

Yoga preparations: Yoga preparations are parts of poses, which prepare the body for more challenging poses and may be added throughout a yoga session. Massage (rolling on a ball or hard foam roll to release tension in the body) may be included as a preparation.

Winding down: Restorative poses are very calming to many people (the body is supported and still, the focus may be on the breath or on sensations in the body … inducing deep relaxation). Breathing and relaxation exercises are important additions to the yoga session. We often end the class laying supine in what is interestingly called corpse pose.

Injuries or areas of concern: Leslie invites students to inform her of their injuries, chronic areas of tension or pain … as well as areas of weakness or instability. If they are under the guidance of a physical therapist or doctor they may share their diagnosis and prescribed exercises with Leslie, (diagramed or written are very helpful and also any contraindications). She may incorporate the exercises into the yoga session or carefully substitute yoga poses that would be similar. Physical safety is important to her.

What to wear and bring: Shorts or formfitting (not restricted) pants are suggested. Bringing your own mat is encouraged, but the studio is stocked with mats and props. Please do not wear strong perfume to class. Please arrive a few minutes early and best to come on an empty stomach (at least 1 hour). Because this is an in home studio … PLEASE NO DROP INS.

Fees: Sliding scale $15/20 per class (space is limited so classes are small).