Leslie WeltyBorn in 1950 in Pacific Palisades California Leslie Welty moved with her family to her families’ origins Chicago when she was five years old. She spent her college years on the east and west coast and graduated from the University of Washington in Fine Arts. Her main interests at the university were art, philosophy and comparative religion — especially the inward looking perspectives of the ancient Indus valley culture.

Interest in Asian arts and contemplative traditions inspired her to study with Professor Glenn Webb which eventually led to an abroad program in Japan studying art, architecture and practicing zazen meditation in various temples sprinkled throughout the mountains and cities of Honshu.

Also in the mid 70’s she became interested in alternative healing. She benefited from naturopathy, massage therapy and acupuncture and after consideration chose to study Massage Therapy. She has maintained a massage practice since 1979 and has continued her studies of the body, recent continuing education — include informative classes by Deane Juhan author of “Job’s Body.”

The 3HO Foundation introduced her to Kundalini yoga in the mid 70’s, and she has since explored and enjoyed other styles of yoga. Wanting to deepen her study, in 2004 completed a 200 level training through Pacific Yoga with instruction by Theresa Elliot, Kathryne Payne and Emily Navar. Other education includes Personal Training certification and Teaching K-8 from Antioch University Seattle. Some of her yoga and meditation teachers include Jennifer Cabanero, Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi, Rodney Smith, Christina Feldman, Stephen Batchelor, and Ajahn Sumedho …